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Increase Your Productivity for Greater Profitability & Better Performance Management

Individual Productivity


Take control of your
agenda, workspace
and your time.

- Deal more efficiently with
higher volumes of information.

- Learn skills you need for your
new role or promotion.

- Set a strategic course of action with measurable results.

Group & Team Productivity


Create a cohesive,
focused and
motivated team.

- Set meaningful individual
and team performance goals.

- Stop moving from crisis
to crisis as an organization.

- Decrease staff turnover.

Book a Keynote Speaker


keynote topics

(also available in
seminar or workshops
format, plus you
choose length of time).

- How to Survive and Thrive
with Change.

- Managing the New

- Achieve Real Results
with Virtual Teams.

How Clients like You benefited
from Productivity Coaching.
Proof our process works:
15 Years of Productivity Clients
and Case Studies
Uncover MORE
Productivity Keynote Topics

From strategic profitability consulting to leading change management for increased productivity, the author of Time Management Guide for Physicians, Ann Max, offers witty, engaging and meaningful performance-driven ideas to help individuals and organizations create a perfect mix of productivity, performance and profitability.

Speak to a Productivity Consultant in Canada now to see whether Strategic Planning, Change Management and Productivity Facilitation could “be the change” your organization wants to see.

Call us at 613-594-4533 to Increase your Productivity for Greater Profit and Better Performance Management

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