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Distraction StatsMind your Own Business (with Jacqueline Richards & Ann Max)

We certainly spend enough time managing our professional lives. We create mission statements, set and attain goals, establish values and streamline processes and systems to make it all work. We take care of others, influence their decisions, provide a shoulder to cry on and grow our people. The business profits from our endeavors and if we do well we are promoted to positions with increased responsibility and rewarding compensation. Click to listen >>

clockYour 86,400 seconds per day (with Jacqueline Richards & Ann Max)

What do you do with your 86,400 Seconds per Day? There are 365 days in a year which translates into 8760 hours, 525,600 minutes and 31,536,000 seconds. The business climate and constantly evolving technology means that it is imperative, more than ever, that we make the best use of each and every one of those seconds. To be successful, goals must be identified, priorities clarified and schedules established that are realistic. Plans must be formulated that are effective and efficient. Learn to take control over your time and your environment to reduce the stresses of everyday life. Combine these skills with practical systems and processes that allow you to live efficiently and productively. Join me and Ann Max when you decide on your 86,400 seconds and change your life. Click to listen >>

GoalsMind Your Own Business with GOALS (with Jacqueline Richards & Ann Max)

You need a foundation for your work and your life. This can be accomplished by setting goals. They allow you to determine if you have succeeded in your undertakings.Few people really know how to set worthwhile goals; fewer still know how to commit to those or how to accomplish them. Other people have so many goals that they are unclear on how to rate or prioritize them. Learn how to set, prioritize and maintain goals. Deal with the obstacles, both personal and professional.Goal setting can change your life. Click to listen >>

 Speedometer Get Results Action Plan Problem SolutionAnn Max on Time Management

Are you making the most of the 24 hours you have at your disposal each day? Learn from productivity expert Ann Max, who will share her insights and help us to set priorities and manage our time effectively.

Listen to this conversation with Ann, where she maintains that: “We deserve to manage our time.”

Click to listen or visit the Indy Cast website

blogtalkradioInterview by Jacqueline Richards

Our lives are getting busier and busier and that’s why it becomes extremely important to identify our true priorities and manage them well. I interviewed Ann Max of Productive To The Max about this topic and she shared great advice on how to manage your priorities effectively. Listen Now >>

Key Takeaways

  • Technology has changed our lives – we have more information to process than earlier
  • We end up taking on too much
  • We have to be aware of what is important to us both personally and professionally
  • The most important priorities affect our bottom line, our relationships or our health
  • Put your passion as your number one priority
  • Don’t let others to define your priorities
  • Create a process after you know your goal
  • You can’t measure a total goal
  • Learn the organization habit, manage your the time you got and communicate well
  • Write down your priorities and create action plans for each one of them

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