Change Management: Acceptance of Change


The Challenge

During the past year this group[1] has undergone many changes and restructuring actions resulting in an increase in responsibilities and priorities both for the group and for its individual members. There is a requirement to refocus the priorities and establish systems and processes to support the new responsibilities and priorities so that the group becomes more cohesive and productive.

The Solution

We conducted a series of individual and group interviews with selected staff members. Our analysis identified the following issues to be resolved:

  • Examine and analyze all the current issues affecting the group;
  • Discuss the workload management process;
  • Obtain buy-in and commitment from the staff;
  • Improve methods of communication;
  • Create systems and processes to support the goals and objectives;
  • Establish ground rules for productivity and efficiency.

From this list, we developed a series of facilitated sessions to discuss issues and workload management as they were affected by the new mandate. Following these sessions we summarized the ideas and presented to senior management our recommendations for addressing the issues.

The Results

A key part of our report was a list of recommendations on specific action plans for key managers. As part of the engagement, we coached the managers through the execution of their action plans.

Staff were very happy to have the opportunity for input into the changes. The resulting recommendations were put in place and we were hired to reorganize a related group, to train and coach on time management and productivity skills and to coach management on their leadership responsibilities.

The managers told us, “Your consulting process made us realize that in order to create successful change, we must first obtain buy-in from the staff members affected and include them in all aspects of the process as we proceed.”

The employees told us, “Before this process, we felt that we were spinning our wheels. This left us very demoralized. Your compassion, understanding and respect for our point of view increased morale right away. The structure and support you provided along with your simple systems and processes made the change process palatable and, overall, successful. Thank you!”

[1] The group has requested anonymity both for itself and for the employees involved.

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