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The Challenge

A large municipal organization[1] requested submissions for the development and delivery of a productivity course entitled Time and Task Management with the objective of assisting its employees to improve their on-job productivity and to enable managers to improve the productivity of their staff. Productive to the Max was selected to develop and deliver this training.

The Solution

We worked with employees from a variety of municipal departments to identify the most common productivity challenges that the training needed to address. Further analysis showed us that most needed help with the following issues:

  • Setting Goals
  • Getting organized with both space and time
  • Management information and workflow
  • Prioritizing tasks

We developed a training program to address these issues that was designed specifically for the municipal government environment.

Participants left their training sessions with individual action plans they could use to achieve their own personal productivity improvements back in their workplace.

In addition, the main course content was adapted (and delivered) to meet the particular requirements of employees of a number of individual operating units such as library, ambulance service, social work, transportation and other related agencies.

After delivering the program for four years, we upgraded the program to address new productivity challenges renaming the course, Improving Your Productivity. This training became a mandatory requirement in the municipality’s leadership training program.

The Results

In the period from 2006 through 2012 Productive to the Max delivered this Time and Task Management and Improving Your Productivity training to well in excess of a thousand participants.

Because of the success of this training, in 2009 Productive to the Max was asked to develop and deliver a similar course to help employees improve the effectiveness of meetings and in the 2009 to 2012 period we delivered this course more than thirty times to almost five hundred participants.

Here is what some of the participants felt about this training:

  • More than 95% of participants indicated that they were “Very satisfied” with the Course Leader or that the Course Leader was “Excellent” (depending on the evaluation form used)
  • Of those participants completing a management development workshop evaluation form, 92% indicated that they strongly agreed or agreed that “The tools provided are practical and will help me apply what I have learned back on the job.

Here is what some of the participants[2] said about this training:

“Out of all the courses which I have taken, this has been the most useful and fun.”

“This course is really going to help me back at the office!”

“Organized, thought-provoking and team building – Great!”

“Very good workshop and facilitator. Made it very interesting and interactive. A very pleasant learning experience. Great group participation. Excellent examples.”

“Interactive, helped keep me interested and stimulated”

“Great energy made the course easier to absorb.”

“Never thought that meetings could be broken down and analyzed in so much detail. Very informative, great tools to take to my next meeting.”


[1]The organization has requested anonymity both for itself and for the employees involved.
[2]Because of the anonymous nature of the course evaluations, we are unable to attach identities to the comments.

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