Divisional Reorganization and Organizational Development


The Challenge

This government directorate[1] has an emergency response mandate making superb organization imperative. Reaction time in an emergency is limited and so everything must be simple, easily accessible and portable so that it can be quickly moved to the emergency site. Disorganized space and systems was impeding this requirement.

Each and every area needed to be set up according to principles geared specifically to the Division’s mandate. Staff needed to be trained so that they could implement these principles.

While some offices were found to be well organized, there were several that needed some assistance. Because the offices were generally small, this was done quickly and efficiently in the early stages of the engagement.

Time management however was an entirely different issue. Once we instituted the systems and procedures and established communication and accountability links, we needed to address time management issues.

The Solution

Following our analyses, we worked with all employees of the Division to develop a shared mission statement and individual contributions required to achieve the mission.

We interviewed each individual employee in their workspace to identify their own part in the Division, their challenges and organizational requirements for their personal workspace.

During this process, we identified key skills both for leadership and for staff that needed to be more closely matched to the Division’s mandate. To address this requirement, we set up training followed by individual coaching to ensure full development and application of the necessary skills.

The Results

Our follow-up meeting with the Director-General a few months later indicated:

  • A complete turnaround had taken place in organization, morale and teamwork.
  • The right people had been assigned to the right tasks and improved processes ensured increased effectiveness and decreased response times.
  • Both staff and management were more confident in their abilities to fulfill their high-profile mandate.


[1] The group has requested anonymity both for itself and for the employees involved.

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