Executive Coaching


The Challenge

In his current position, John [1] is responsible for providing effective leadership in ten specific areas. His job involves juggling a myriad of activities through many levels of the organizational structure. Excellent organizing, productivity and time management skills are essential to ensure the smooth operation of this integral part of the organization. John was feeling overwhelmed and disrespected and his department was missing important deadlines.

The Solution

Our analysis indicated that coaching in organizing, time management and delegation would enable John to increase his discretionary management time by decreasing the time demands placed on him by subordinates. This would allow him both to achieve his personal and professional objectives and to fulfill the mandate of the department.

We initiated a three-month coaching program comprising the following activities:

  • Job shadowing for one day
  • Analysis of findings with John
  • Two-hour face-to-face coaching sessions per week for 3 weeks
  • One hour face-to-face or telephone coaching sessions per week for 9 weeks
  • Unlimited email support

The Results

John had many issues and habits to be addressed in this engagement. His home environment and lifestyle needed to be taken into account first and we helped him deal with those issues before we could tackle the actual workload and organizing components. John came to realize the importance of his position within the organization and how his management affected his image and subsequent effectiveness within the firm. He assiduously followed all advice and developed a positive management style that enabled him to command the respect of his subordinates and to help ensure that the department met their deadlines.

In John’s words
“I always thought that productivity was only about time management and organizing my calendar. Ann showed me that I needed to work not only on my tangible skills but also on my current lifestyle. This provided a proper foundation for improving my leadership skills and developing my capability as a manager.”


[1]The executive has requested anonymity so the name has been changed.

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