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As president of Productive to the Max Ltd, Ann is a productivity specialist, coach, consultant and professional speaker with many years of both personal and professional experience.

Ann began her career at the age of 12, working in her father’s ladies wear store. She had a hand in every aspect of the business, from customer service and sales, to accounting and human resources. Married at the age of 19 and widowed at 24 with a 2-year-old child, Ann experienced the challenges of terminal illness, death and single-motherhood at a very young age and, with little support or resources, she had to start over all on her own.

Her career took her to the Ottawa Citizen where she spent ten years as their office manager. She married a successful divorce lawyer and had another child. However, after only five years into the marriage, Ann knew the relationship wasn’t working, but it wasn’t until the 20-year mark that they finally got a divorce. This was a particularly low point for Ann as the divorce forced her into bankruptcy. She spent the next few years working in HR and administration at several stores including Costco and Laura Shoppes.

Eventually these jobs fizzled out and Ann found herself at a crossroads. Her parents were elderly and needed to transition to a nursing home, she found herself dealing with her own health issues and her children were long gone. She realized that, like many women, she had been living her life for others, whether it be her husband, her parents or her kids. Ann had no idea who she was, what she wanted or where she wanted to go in life.

It was this realization that inspired her to start her own business and become a productivity consultant. At first, she focused on organization, but her business soon evolved into productivity coaching and consulting. Serving both private- and public-sector clients Ann has helped thousands of individuals and their teams reach their full potential.

Through coaching, consulting and public speaking, Ann hopes to “Make Life Easy” for her clients. With her lively sense of humour and compassionate style Ann helps businesses and individuals pinpoint who they are, what they want and where they are going. She helps with specific goal setting and always has a non-judgemental shoulder for her clients to lean on. Warm and relatable, Ann uses her life experience to help clients through any life stage, no matter how difficult. She hopes to keep other people from making the mistakes she made and guide them on the path to happiness, success and a fulfilling life.

Ann” Makes your Life Easy” by destressing your business and personal lives with Action Plans to provide an ongoing Foundation and in-depth Productivity Coaching.

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