Is your environment in the “ZONE”?

The definition of the word “zone” is; “an area or stretch of land having a particular characteristic, purpose or use or subject to particular restrictions.”

Your working areas need to be zoned or categorized so that you can find items and information quickly and easily.

It is kind of hard to find anything in a totally disorganized office. Imagine the unproductive time and energy expended while you work here.


Take a good look at your office or cubicle and decide where you perform certain actions. Draw a simple process flow chart showing what you do, where you perform the action and where you would like to store information. Make sure there is an easy flow to the processes or you will lose valuable time.

Then ask yourself the following questions:

√ Have your job responsibilities changed in the last year?

If your roles have changed then your needs likely will be different. If you have been promoted to team leader, then you will need a space for talking with your staff and keeping their records.

√ Do you have items you don’t use?
Guess what? If you haven’t done anything with these items in a year, then dump them or archive them for financial or legal reasons.

√ What items do you need to do your job more effectively?
I remember a client who had a huge job and a huge office and spent most of her day going down the hall to use the printer. Helloo!!! Huge waste of time. The minute she got her own printer she heaved a sigh of relief.

√ Is your workspace arranged for maximum performance?
Sometimes we are so used to doing it one way that we do not allow for a better use of the space. Get creative and discover new ways of doing your job.

√ Has traffic flow changed in the last 12 months?
If more people are making their way to your office, through your office or outside of your office, this may affect your productivity. Maybe it’s time to move.

√ Do you have enough, if any, storage space?
A lot of offices have TOO MUCH storage space. Of all the filing, papers and information retained, only 20% is accessed on an ongoing basis. Check out and obtain the correct type of storage rather than increasing the amount.

√ If you meet with others, does your workspace allow you to work effectively with them?
It is important to have enough space and a proper environment to meet with others.

√ Is your office too personal?
No need to have pictures of your kids for every year of their life. Limit your “chatchkes” to a small amount. Bigger is not better.

√ Are you making the best use of furniture?
Your desktop is not a filing cabinet. And vice versa……

Take a long, hard look at your workspace. Analyze it from the viewpoint of your boss, co-worker and client. Making significant changes to your environment will not only make you feel more efficient and productive, it will improve the image you want to project and may even provide the impetus for getting you w ell-deserved promotion

Let us know what you think!

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