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What is a Mastermind/Coaching Circle?

Mastermind-Coaching-Circle-WomenThe idea of a Mastermind Group comes from the book by Napoleon Hill Think & Grow Rich, written in 1937:

“The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people who work toward a definite purpose in the spirit of harmony”

A Mastermind/Coaching circle involves between 3 and 6 participants who meet (in person, on the phone, via Skype, chat rooms, meeting software, etc.) to share, learn, improve what they do and be successful. Built on a foundation of total commitment, honesty, respect and compassion participants offer support, ideas, inspiration and motivation. It is a community of helpful, like-minded colleagues who brainstorm to give feedback and provide accountability structures to help keep you focused and on track. We also have loads of fun!

What are the Benefits of Joining?

Mastermind-Coaching-Circle-IdeasYour Mastermind/Coaching group is like having an objective board of directors, a success team, a coach and a peer advisory group, all in one. You get an instant and valuable support network to:



  • Talk through problems and obtain answers to questions about what you are doing or want to do
  • Acquire new ideas and perspectives as well as additional opinions on the decisions you are making
  • Keep you accountable so you are more likely to achieve your goals
  • Create new and valuable relationships
  • Obtain resources for collaboration and cross-promotion
  • Have a place to go to where there is complete confidentiality and you are not judged
  • Celebrate success and your uniqueness
  • Build on the experience of others
  • Receive coaching from skilled and dedicated coaches in all aspects of your life
  • Relieve that feeling of “being alone”
  • Get mutual support

What Part does the Coach Play?

The role of the coach is that of a moderator/facilitator. She identifies the goals and standards for the meeting, keeps participants on track and offers a different perspective and clarification on questions and issues. She helps to ensure that everyone is heard, acts as a confidante and motivates people in the direction they want to go. She grows people by getting things done.

Your Coach

Ann Max

Productivity Specialist Coach Consultant Professional Speaker

As President of Productive to the Max Ltd., since 1999, Ann helps organizations and people change to improve their productivity, profitability and performance.

She provides strategic solutions to personal, professional and organizational challenges. She analyzes your efficiency and effectiveness, creates customized action plans, provides hands-on support and solutions and implements coaching and training to monitor performance.

An effective coach, skillful facilitator, inspirational trainer, empowering mentor and motivational speaker, she addresses current challenges with a strong commitment and deep understanding of her subject. Personal and professional lives benefit from her wise counsel, ability to instill confidence and realistic approach.

Her lively sense of humor and engaging style immediately create trust and rapport and motivate you to be happy with change. She delivers skills, techniques and concrete actions that can be directly put to use.

Ann has instituted a Mastermind/Coaching Circles package for women. The program provides opportunities for women to combine their life experience and issues into a single empowering process.

Ann publishes a weekly blog and a monthly e-newsletter, MaxTips! distributed free to thousands of subscribers. For more information please go to


The circles meet monthly for 6 months for 2.5 hours in Kemptville, Brockville and Kanata. There is a mid-session break and opportunities before and after to informally socialize. Refreshments are served.

  • There are between 3 and 8 participants in each group.
  • The meetings follow a semi-formal structure which is the most effective manner for the learning and sharing process.
  • The agenda is determined by the group.
  • If a member withdraws from the group, they are not replaced. This maintains the group dynamic that has been established.

What Happens at the Meetings?

The first meeting is a “Who am I” process in which we get to know each other, share thoughts and create goals and action plans for the next five meetings. As a group, we also set ground rules for our sessions

The next five meetings are structured in three main parts:

  1. A recap of the past month and progress towards goals.
  2. Breakout sessions in smaller groups to discuss a specific topic important to the entire group followed by a recap with all.
  3. Discussion of urgent issues specific to individuals within the group.

Depending on the needs of the group, guest coaches may be asked to participate in some meetings.

This process allows participants to share challenges and solutions both with individual members and with the entire group.

It is the best of both worlds!

Mastermind/Coaching Circles

  • Are not classes. While we do vote to bring in speakers and guest coaches occasionally, the main focus is accountability, brainstorming and support among the members
  • Go far beyond support and networking because it has the ability to see things from a broader perspective
  • Are not group coaching. It is about the members sharing feedback, advice and support and working on common goals.
  • Are not “psychological dumps”. Although everyone is encouraged to express their true and honest feelings and obtain feedback, the session is moderated to move ahead in all relevant areas.


The circles are completely private and confidential. Members typically sign non-disclosure agreements that not only prohibit sharing the content and composition of the group with outsiders, but also prohibit using the content to gain a competitive advantage over other peer group members.

Who Should Join?

People who:

  • Possess a similar skill or success level
  • Want support from partners
  • Wish to reach or exceed their goals
  • Need to change and improve their profitability, productivity and performance
  • Have a desire to share expertise and experiences with others
  • Are stuck or demotivated and require a push to get going again
  • Yearn for some balance in their personal and professional life
  • Crave the community of other women

What is the Cost?

special-offerFor only $129 per month, Mastermind/Coaching circles are the best investment you can make in your professional and personal life. Individual coaching sessions can cost upwards of $500 an hour. Here you are receiving the benefits of a structured peer-coaching process along with the experience of a professional coach.

Each Mastermind Session will occur once a month for a period of 6 months. Each session will last 2.5 hours. Refreshments and beverages (wine anyone???) will be served.

Payment is required in advance by credit card, PayPal, Interac or cheque.

How Can You Join?

  1. Determine if you are a highly motivated individual who is willing to commit to attending every meeting.
  2. Be comfortable with asking for and receiving help and support in a mutually beneficial atmosphere.
  3. Fill out the Mastermind Application Form.
  4. You will receive a phone call within 2 days and be interviewed to see how your interests align with other prospective members.
  5. Productive to the Max will then facilitate formation of the groups.

Please call 613-462-6020 or contact for further information or to register.

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