Surround Yourself with Positive People

You’ve probably heard that it’s important to surround yourself with positive people. I know I certainly have. The general consensus is that when you surround yourself with people who are upbeat and positive you begin to take on those same qualities. People with great attitudes and happy dispositions are more productive and better at achieving their goals. If your best friend is a real go-getter and enjoys his or her job, chances are that whenever you’re around them you feel a sense of confidence and an elevated outlook on life. On the other hand, if your friend is always complaining about life and hates their job, then you are more likely to share that disposition in their company. Positive people make us feel good and leave us with more energy for having been around them while negative people end up draining us of our energy.

It is a fact that when we are around groups of people long enough we begin to share similar characteristics and qualities. Have you ever noticed the subtle changes in speech, for example, when one of your friends returns from a trip back home? I have a friend who, whenever he goes home to visit his family, comes back with a distinct accent. Being with his family and friends in his home town rubs off on him and he reverts to the speech patterns he grew up with. The most interesting thing about this is that these small changes stay with him for about a week after his trips home and gradually disappear during his day-to-day routines. In both cases, he is unaware of any changes to his speech patterns and is surprised when someone notices. This example illustrates what happens to all of us when we are around a group of people for long enough.

We’ve all worked with that one person who makes the day a little more manageable for the rest of us by the way in which they conduct themselves in the workplace. You’ll recognize this person by the way bad news or a larger workload seems to roll right off of them. Sure, they would prefer not to have extra work handed to them but it doesn’t bring them down like a lot of us. For some reason, this person stays optimistic, rolls with the punches and still comes out on top. They are always able to crack jokes and they help the rest of us feel a little better in the face of the day’s adversity. These are the types of people we need around us all the time because they elevate the group morale in the workplace.

In my experiences in the work force, I have worked along side both positive and negative people and I have seen first hand the way in which both influence those around them. In one example the team leader was very upbeat and had a sunny disposition and her staff reflected this. Nobody complained about his or her job and everyone seemed happy at work despite difficult assignments and negative challenges. In the other example, one of the team members was very negative and, over the course of a few months, had dropped staff morale to a point where almost everyone hated their jobs including the team leader.

Surrounding yourself with positive people will influence you to become more like them. You pick up good habits and begin to develop a more optimistic outlook on life without having to work at it. A positive mindset achieves positive rewards so take stock of who you surround yourself with and gravitate toward your more optimistic and positive friends and colleagues.

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