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 Hi Ann,

All the stress of loading up my week last week was worth it.

By having less meetings this week I was able to handle the last minute RRSP issues with much less stress.  Believe it or not as of 3:25 PM I have finished all my task on my list for this WHOLE WEEK.  I have NO outstanding tasks for this week!!!! One small victory for me but as you say… you need to say Good For Me!

Not expecting perfection, I was aiming to be all caught up on this week so I can tackle my outstanding tasks now which I will do.  I have also printed off my task list for next week and will be highlighting the things I can delegate and hand those out to either [of my colleagues] and I won’t even worry about those for the coming week.

I have also put some tasks that I would love to say I could do them in March but have set a more realistic target to look at them and then I will even break them down into pieces for the overall project!

Thank you for all your good advice and guidance.  Your practical tips have made life much easier and I am focused to ensure that I do not derail!

Have a great weekend,

Angela Houle, B.Acc. CFP CLU CHS
Certified Financial Planner
McAuley Financial Services/FundEX Investments Inc.

2014 West Ottawa Board of Trade Professional Services Business of the Year

2012 & 2011 Kanata Chamber of Commerce Professional Services Business of the Year


Ann — your seminar was engaging on many planes.  Networking and meeting others  in an ingenious exercise created an atmosphere of sharing and communication, setting the tone for an optimal learning environment.  Your energy and humor are infectious and the material you so graciously presented is valuable and beneficial to my organization. Clearly, you are creating tomorrow today with your progressive program!

Dorothy Garlough RDH, MPA
Creating Tomorrow Today
Innovation Advancement



It was a pleasure meeting and speaking with you today at the event.  I was the one who you spoke with afterward about confidence, that I wish I could have more of it now instead of in 20 years!

Thank you for an inspiring seminar and for sharing your story, it’s amazing how much we all carry while carrying on.  You reminded us we are strong, capable and resilient, and today your fire and passion re-lit mine.  Many thanks.

Emily James
Tenth House Digital Communications



I worked with Ann Max for about 3 months.  Ann helped me dig out from an out-of-control email inbox, a filing system that was 5 years out of date, and an office “organization” system that consisted of piles of paper around my office.  In working with her, I learned skills to help me prioritize, manage my calendar and my time more effectively.  These skills help me be more present with my staff and my colleagues, which in turn help me be a more effective manager and leader for my team.  More often now, I make the time to accomplish what is really important, and manage to stay on top of what’s happening.  It’s still a work in progress – but working with Ann has helped me go from having a workload that’s entirely out of control to a workload that, while heavy, is manageable.

Christina Marchant
Director, Community Health Promotion & Early Years
Centertown Community Health Centre

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