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Hello, I’m Ann Max

Organizational, Productivity Coach and Training Professional!

I get what it feels like to feel overwhelmed by the curveballs life can throw at us.

We’ve all gone through a lot in the past many months and our workplaces may not look like they used to.

You, and/or your organization, may need some extra skills and training to make the new normal be as productive and stress reducing as possible. People and organizations are seeking strategies, guidance and training on how to pivot and adapt.

I work mainly with corporations, government organizations, and businesses. Also, I have a particular desire to make time for entrepreneurial women in business who feel stuck, who are unsure about the next steps required to make their goals a reality. I listen and guide them, providing support and confidence to take that first step in the right direction.

We can navigate the new normals together, customizing the skills training and coaching I provide to your organization to help them be productive and relieve them of some of the added stress from an uncertain work landscape. As well, we can work together to get your work life culture & life balance in order, creating space for your goals to be reached and your dreams to come true.


“From the first session, I started to feel less overwhelmed and more in control. Things started to come together better with each subsequent session. I did not feel so scattered and began settling in. Also, I began to focus more clearly and felt really good about where I was going. 

I would highly recommend Ann as a productivity, business and transformation coach. She will leave you with skills, techniques and actions that you will remember for a very long time and you will enjoy the journey.”

– Wendy Mason, Health Coach


“Ann using both wit and wisdom was able to quickly discern what the true priorities in my personal and professional life were and what I simply needed to get rid of. She was able to break down my goals into manageable and actionable pieces.

After working with Ann, I emerged feeling accomplished, with a clear path personally and professionally and with invaluable life skills. I cannot thank Ann enough for her insight, compassion and humour.”

– Lauren MacNamara


“I was so afraid to come to you because I was at my wit’s end and really overwhelmed. I felt like a failure and that I would never find my way to get back on track. After our initial consultation, I felt a weight lift off my shoulders, I was motivated and excited.

You made me feel so comfortable and that I could talk to you about anything. I appreciate your wisdom, expertise and your honest, no-nonsense approach delivered with humour and compassion and above all confidentiality. I just had to give you a hug…even though it was only our first visit” 


“We ran a one-day workshop to ‘reset’ everyone – the old owners, the new owners and the team in the office. With uncertainty going in, nothing but praise was returned at the end. I hazard to say that everyone involved (myself included) was surprised; it was true team-building in the simplest of forms.  

The overall experience was extremely positive.  We believe that Ann was able to make an impact not only on the new owners but also on the employees, successfully gathering valuable buy-in from all parties.  We have executed our plan effectively and we really feel like we are now running the business for the first time in almost a year.”

– Jaime Notman, OzTREKK


“Ann — your seminar was engaging on many planes.  Networking and meeting others  in an ingenious exercise created an atmosphere of sharing and communication, setting the tone for an optimal learning environment.  Your energy and humour are infectious and the material you so graciously presented is valuable and beneficial to my organization.

Clearly, you are creating tomorrow today with your progressive program!”

– Dorothy Garlough, Creating Tomorrow Today: Innovation Advancement

Organizational & Productivity Skills can be Learned… ↓

I have coached, trained, presented, and spoken to thousands of people; from small business owners to high-level corporate executives and CEO’s, coaching them to maximize their productivity and efficiency to be successful and happy.

I would love to help you do the same! From Corporate Webinars to one-on-one Small Business Coaching for Employees and Owners, to Entrepreneurs. Coaching & Training Packages can be customized to your particular environment and needs!

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