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I’m Ann

….here to help you!

I get what it feels like to feel overwhelmed by the curveballs life can throw at us and how to overcome it all to keep going toward reaching those heart callings.

I work with entrepreneurial women in business who are feeling stuck on how to make the next step to take the next steps to make their goals a reality.

We work together to get your life in order to make space for your dreams.

We’ve all read the hashtags and seen images portraying these so-called “bossbabes” splashed across our instagram accounts. Instagram isn’t real life. In real life being a  “bossbabe” means climbing a corporate ladder, building a start-up business…prioritizing both the personal and professional daily. But how do you prioritize 25+ items on a daily basis? Can it be done?

At what point have you become so overwhelmed that you have no idea what you’re working towards anymore? At what point do you become hopeless? As a twenty-something millennial, an owner of a start-up business and a soon-to-be new mom, I’ve felt that hopeless feeling – the feeling of dread when thinking about what tomorrow may bring and having no way to prioritize my thoughts, time and actions.

Ann, using both wit and wisdom, was able to quickly discern what the true priorities in my personal and professional life were and what I simply needed to get rid of. She was able to break down my goals into manageable and actionable pieces. After working with Ann I emerged feeling accomplished, with a clear path personally and professionally and with invaluable life skills. I cannot thank Ann enough for her insight, compassion and humour.

Lauren MacNamara

President, RevolutionAg Retail Inc.


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I have coached, trained, presented and spoken to thousands of people from small business owners to high-level corporate executives and CEO’s, creating a path for them to become more productive, efficient, successful and happy. I would love to help you do the same!


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My passion is to help women in business Transform their Business into Action by providing a safe space to look inside themselves and set a path to success and productivity.


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