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Corporate & One-on-one Coaching, Training. In person & via webinars: Being organized is a skill that can be learned! Increase productivity and reduce stress.
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Wouldn’t it be great to have everyone working from a shared skill base? 

And…most of all we will have FUN learning these skills!


Navigating a new normal? Need a team building opportunity?


Trying to build connection between employees & management?


Stressed? Learning organizational skills increases productivity and helps to realign your personal and business objectives.

Training Topic Examples

Not sure where to start? I have training for each of these topics. Mix, match, or focus on one key area. Training by webinar. in person, or both as you see fit for your circumstances.

Topic Examples:

    1. Productivity
    2. Time Management
    3. Managing Multiple Priorities
    4. Workflow
    5. Email and information management
    6. Distractions and time-wasters
    7. Action planning
    8. Strategic Planning
    9. Balanced Lifestyle
    10. Stress Management
    11. Change Management
    12. Organizing and Clutter
    13. Entrepreneurship
    14. Dealing with Generational Differences
    15. Meetings Management
    16. Networking
    17. Managing Virtual Teams

Speaking Engagements

 By webinar or live in person, speaking engagements help transform your business to maximum productivity with skills training to address individual or group needs.  

Building a corporate mindset takes investment in training and skills so a common reference point and shared experience can be achieved. If you want change, providing the tools to get there is priceless.

Little surprises me after decades of experience. You can feel comfortable discussing your organization’s challenges with me. Training packages can be customized to fit your needs.

I am located in Kanata, Ontario, and depending upon my availability, I might be able to travel to your location even if not in Ottawa. Contact me to discuss and look at the options.


Start your productivity journey with #Maxtips!

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